Playtesting Report – Minigame 2

5 participants were chosen to play the game prototype for 1 to 5 mins and speak out their playing experience while playing. Then, they were asked a few questions based on our playtesting goals and suggestion for improvement.

Our first playtesting goal is to see if the players understand that the game is topically accurate and the gameplay is engaging and reflects reality. Most participants thought that the game was not topically accurate enough because there were not any objects related to drugs, even the drug dealers in the prototype did not really look like a drug dealer. On a scale of one to five, from not real to very real, 20% of participants rated the game realism on 2, 20% rated it on 3 and 60% rated it on 4. More than a half participants thought that they could recognize the role of themselves as a police officer through the cop car outside the building and the weapons they could use.

Our second playtesting goal is to see if the player uses strategy during the gameplay, where the player is graded based on their ethical performance. Only one participant had finished the game without killing any drug dealers or hostages. Some participants killed the drug dealers by accident, and 2 participants killed a hostage as they did recognize it is a hostage. All participants had tried to head shot the drug dealers at least once, and 20% of participants had aimed to shoot the heads all the time.

Our last playtesting goal is to see if the game has a clear objective for players to follow and the game functions as intended. Only one participant thought that the mission was clearly stated in the “Read Me.txt”, the others felt confusing of the rules at the beginning. All participants got confused at the first time they tried to arrest a drug dealer. Most participants thought that the game worked as intended, as they could shoot their targets, change the weapons and open the doors. However, one participant found that the handcuffs can be used again on the arrested drug dealers, two found that the drug dealer and hostage could pass through the building, the walls and the floor, and most found that the weapons does not work if the player is too close to the enemy.

Finally, we also asked the suggestions of improvement from the participants. In conclusion, all participants thought that the drug dealers and hostage should be applied some animations, likes shooting back to players. Some of them thought that there should be some hit effects, like blood and bullet holes, applied to other NPCs and game objects. And, some of them thought that there should be a head hitting difference. Also, some of them thought that there should be a button to return main menu and a button to exit the game.

A list of recommendations based of that feedback have been compiled below.

  1. The weapons become not working when it is too close to enemy should be fixed.
  2. Some hit effects should be applied.
  3. Enemy should have more actions, like shooting.
  4. The drug dealers and hostages should not pass through other objects.
  5. Button to return main menu or exit the game should be added.


Playtesting Questionnaire

how ethical

Ethical notes + Bodycam Score:

  1. 0 kill, 30s
  2. 3 kills, 60s
  3. 2 kills, 104s
  4. 1 kills, 86s
  5. 2 kills, 68s

Did you understand your mission?

  1. The mission was clearly stated in Read Me.txt and before the start of the game.
  2. Not really.
  3. No
  4. yes, but not exactly know how to complete it
  5. yes, the game has enough information to tell me what to do.

Did the game work? Yes, No? Explain…

  1. The game worked as intended.
  2. not really, the handcuffs got ammo is unreal and it can be used on the same enemy
  3. Yes, I can kill all I want.
  4. yes, I can shoot my target and change weapons, I can open the door,
  5. yes, I can shoot the enemies and arrest them with the handcuffs.

how engaging

how realism

How would you rate the games ability to capture the police/drug raid/bodycam topic?

  1. The drug dealers are all dressed in suits, which is not the case in real life. In fact, it looks more like a security guard than a drug dealer.
  2. This is just a shooting game
  3. Good, I can recognize the role of myself as a police officer through the cop car outside the building and the drug dealer is also recognizable in their outfit. Through the point of view shot, I know I’m having a body cam.
  4. there should be more police officers there is not any things related to drugs
  5. no drug, drug dealer doesn’t look like real drug dealer

What about the game did you like/ dislike?

  1. I like how the characters in the game face towards the player even if the player is in motion.
  2. the house doesn’t even have a bag of drug?
  3. I like the sound effect and 3D-modelling overall but the animation of characters can be improved.
  4. the target of shooting seems not accuracy enough I cannot hit my target when I getting to close to my target.
  5. I don’t like I am followed by the arrested drug dealers and hostages which makes me confused whether they are arrested or rescued.

Suggestions for improvement?

  1. The enemies and hostages can phase through objects, so that should be fixed. Guns and handcuffs don’t work if the player is too close to the enemy, that should also be fixed. The weapons don’t interact with anything else other than the enemies and hostages, that could be improved. No matter how I did with the mission (except running out of time), it’s always mission finished, even if I kill everyone. There should be multiple outcomes. The game should have a menu to exit the game.
  2. Ai settings and head hitbox will be great
  3. Adding more actions for the drug dealers and the emotion for hostage.
  4. the enemy should shoot back to me many be you can add some bgm / human voice effects.
  5. there should have blood or some bullet hole or hit effect. There should have a button to restart the game.

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