Reflection Post – Minigame 2

What did you learn about professional development by going through the design process? By going through the design process, I learnt to apply simple animations to the game objects. By setting the animations, I could apply some basic functions towards my game prototype, such as opening doors and changing weapons. These types of animation could …

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Playtesting Plan Table

Participants Date Session Participants Overall approach, including resources required Number Who (characteristics of your play-testers) 24/04/17 5 Friends, family and fellow students. All of which have experience with video games. Playtesters will spend 1 minute playing our game. They will not be told anything prior to playing the game (to test the games functionality/communication). During …

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Week 7 Work

RESEARCH POLICE TRAINING   Real Life Police Kit: Gun Taser   Player Objects/ Officer Kit: Essentials Baton Gun (assault rifle and/or hand gun Ammunition (bullets) Body Cam Taser Handcuffs Extras Flashlight Bulletproof Vest Communication Radio Breachers (other police NPC’s helping)   Enemies: Fight back (surrenders on low hp) Run away Fake hostage   …

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