Playtesting Report

5 participants, who are experts in video games, were chosen to play the game prototype for 5 to 7 mins and speak out their playing experience while playing. Then, they were asked a few questions based on our playtesting goals and suggestion for improvement. Our first playtesting goal is to see if the game function …

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Playtest Report

5 participants, that were considered video games expert, playtested our game. Furthermore, 1 playtester fitting our demographic, as explained in blog post 1 also tested our game. These participants played 5 minutes of gameplay, including the tutorial level and the first level. These participants were asked to speak aloud about there experience in the game, …

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Playtest Report – Minigame 3

Did not have time to complete playtesting. Still made an effort to outline expectations for Game 3. Rationale For Game 3 two sets of playtesting was conducted. The first was to have the game tested by confidents (same as previous games). The second was to have someone appropriate to our target persona Sam playtest the game. …

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