Playtesting Report

5 participants, who are experts in video games, were chosen to play the game prototype for 5 to 7 mins and speak out their playing experience while playing. Then, they were asked a few questions based on our playtesting goals and suggestion for improvement.

Our first playtesting goal is to see if the game function as intended. All participants thought that the game did function as intended, as they thought there was not any bug and the understand the purpose of the game. All participants thought that the game experience was engaging. However, most participants thought that there were too many buttons of controlling the characters.

Our second playtesting goal is to see if the game captures the experience of cooperation, exploration and solving puzzle. On an average, participants thought that the game was not difficult enough. The reason may be because they were just playing the first level, the difficulty of level 1 should be hard enough. All participants like the character cooperation mechanic, some felt it was a new and interesting idea. Most participants like the Elli’s ability which is helpful, but some thought that Elli was too slow and could run too far away from Beart. Most participants enjoy the fighting and puzzle solving sections.

The last playtesting is to see if the game provided clear theme and objective. On a scale of one to five, form not at all to very well, all participants rated 4 of the game capturing the intended theme. No participants found anything they dislike about the game. All of them like the background music and the cooperation idea.

Finally, we also asked the suggestions of improvement from the participants. In conclusion, the game can set up a timer or time limit towards levels and there should be some health pot for Beart. Moreover, the game could have a button to stop or restart the game.

A list of recommendations based of that feedback have been compiled below.

  1. Timing system
  2. Health pot system
  3. Different enemies
  4. Buttons to stop or restart the game


Playtesting Questionnaire

Did the game work? Yes, No? Explain…

  • yes, the game works well
  • Yes, I can clearly know the purpose and what I need to do from the start.
  • yes, don’t see any bug
  • yes, I mean perfect
  • The game worked perfectly as planned.


What did you think of the controls? Were they intuitive? Suggestions?

  • the controls are good
  • Change the attack button
  • It’s a bit messy that too many buttons to control. It would be better if using mouse to control the Elli for me.
  • maybe too much buttons for the controls
  • The controls would be better if the jump button and the attack button is swapped, so ‘w’ for jump and ‘spacebar’ for attack. Other than that, it’s pretty easy to control.


What do you think of the character coop mechanic?

  • Interesting
  • the elly can cooperate with the bear quit well
  • never play this before, nice idea
  • elli was going too far from beart
  • I like how you can control Beart and Elli both at the same time, which really gives the player a sense of multitasking.

What did you think of Elli’s ability?

  • It can run too far away
  • its good to have elli to help me walk forward
  • Elli is very helpful
  • elli can move faster
  • It’s a great idea that you need a second character to access places that the first character can’t, and they both have different abilities.

Did you enjoy the fighting sections? Explain

  • no, animation is that instant
  • quite good, there is interaction between the enemies and bear
  • enemies can be stronger
  • too easy
  • The fights would be better if the enemies are not one-shot kills, increasing their health throughout the game and give them health bars accordingly.

Did you enjoy the puzzle solving sections? Explain

  • the puzzles are fun.
  • Yes, it makes the game more challenging
  • puzzle looks very simple
  • quite interesting
  • The puzzles would be more challenging if certain puzzles require both characters to complete, which complements the co-op mechanic. E.g. both characters stepping on the switch at the same time, switches that only Beart can push etc.


What did you like/dislike about the game?

  • I love the game ideas and the bgm, the models look good too
  • I like the set design accompanies with the music and the cooperation between elly and bear
  • I like the puzzle setting, and the music sounds good
  • i like the sound effects and bgm
  • I like the co-op mechanic in this game, as well as the accompanying background music, which complements the setting of the game.

Suggestions for overall improvement?

  • add a timer or time limit, can have different and stronger enemies
  • fix the location of the bear when switched character. add health pot.
  • the animation and movement of the bear fighting the wall can be faster
  • can have more type of puzzle, shouldn’t use different control of Beart and Elli
  • The game would be better if there’s a quit button in the menu, as well as a pause button if the game were to have a timer. The walls need some form of indication of deterioration due to the fact that you need multiple attacks to break it.

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