Week 10 Work

Persona: SAM
• Age: 12
• Gaming Background:
– First game – Wii sports and Mario Carts
– Is a long time fan of Minecraft
– Loves to make his own games using simple tools
– All G/PG games (no others are allowed in the house)
– Spent a lot of time catching Pokémon in the park with his parents
• Gameplay experience
– His parents are early adopters of technology (e.g., the first to buy a
Wii, and are now into VR headsets)
– Has been playing games since he can remember
– Plays approximately 30 minutes per day, but always gets a bit more
time on weekends


*big ideas:*












-Casual Competitiveness




The Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes





Create 10 ideas



  • Multi- character cooperation controlled by one or many players (Zelda triforce heroes) Use multiple characters to complete game objectives/puzzles
    • Cooperation similar to minecraft
    • Simple puzzles and objectives – suits short 30 minute play sessions
    • Could play with his parents
    • Sense of achievement out of creating his own solutions to puzzles
  • Player with AI Buddy. Helps each other through levels
  • Ambiguous cooperative play (room to betray/ prank each other).

Tall kid short kid



  • Create your own side scrolling levels, design them, play them with friends
    • Creation similar to minecraft
    • Option to create one big level (occupies the kid for days <- good for parents!) or many small levels in the 30 minutes.
    • Parents could play his levels


  • Dark side scroller, uses torch to explore dark environment
    • Likes exploring, similar to minecraft
    • Likes entrigue in exploring, like people like when exploring minecraft worlds (finding villages, etc.)


  • Dungeon explorer, where goal is to collect all the treasure/ equipment. Could also collect more tools to help gather treasure in dungeon. Get all treasure, better gear, unlock new characters.
    • Likes collecting (as evident with pokemon Go)
    • Likes dungeon raiding (as dungeon raiding is in Minecraft)
  • Kids stuck in an apartment store



Puzzle Solving





Idea – Sam as emerging teen



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