Reflection Post – Minigame 2

What did you learn about professional development by going through the design process?

Through going to the design process I was able to learn more about how to create a first person game, through learning more about how unity works, and how to use unity. For instance through this unit I was able to learn about creating instances of objects in unity, as well as editing and creating terrain. Furthermore, minigame 2 taught me a bit about creating 3D models through blender, which I decided to explore a little bit more about, although I don’t think I learnt too much on it. I had never created a first person shooter game before, so this assessment helped me learn how to create a basic FPS. The minigame 2 further helped improve my attitude to creating an FPS, as previously I thought creating first person games was difficult, however, through completing this assessment I now know it is a lot simpler than I thought.

What did you learn about the other majors in the degree by working in mixed teams?

I learnt very little about the other majors through working in teams, as through working in teams we mainly focused on design during the design process. The experience with working in teams, helped me better understand how well I work with others, and how other’s ideas help influence and better my work during the design process. For example, with all of us somewhat having knowledge of the design part of the degree, we were all able to contribute and design many ideas for our ethical-cop game that we didn’t use in the final prototype, but used in our design. Furthermore, by having experience with design and being the main design major in our group, I was able to help guide my group through the design process, such as helping us set up a brainstorming process where all members of the group were able to contribute their ideas. Finally my assumption of the other members of the group’s design ability was challenged, as through working with a group I gained a better understanding that they were better at the design process than I had realised.

What did you implement in your own individual work that you found the most satisfying?

In the context of minigame 2, the thing I implemented into my final game, that I found was the most satisfying was an arrest mechanic, where the player could arrest the enemies rather than kill them. Through doing this, I was able to better understand my ability with unity, as well as demonstrating how much I had improved since the last minigame. During the last minigame I had barely any skill with unity, so I created a game that was a lot similar to the tutorial game. With minigame 2, I was able to create a game that was a lot more based off my idea, and included new mechanics I previously wouldn’t have been able to create. Through implanting this mechanic, I was able to exceed my assumptions on my ability to use unity. Previously, I would have not known enough coding in Unity to create an arrest mechanic.

Do you think that there are any ethical issues attached to designing a First Person Experience inspired by recent events?

In the context of our game we had some ethical issues in designing our game. Our game was inspired by recent news articles of police be held accountable through body cameras. This topic could have been seen as too political, especially considering we wished the game to be realistic. To counter this we decided to design our game around so called ‘obvious’ ethical decisions when it comes to being a police officer, rather than grey area topics. This included decisions being not shooting unarmed offenders, and only shooting if offenders shot at you. Through this issue I understood better the issues about designers making games around real world topics, without trying for the game to be political and not fun. I believe making a game around real world events, challenged my values of that games should not be too realistic. I now think that if games are done right, they can capture real world events, whilst offering players a better understanding of said real world event.


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