Activity 5: Interactivity & Choice – Minigame 2

Extension Approved – Do not mark until 11pm Sunday 07/05/17

Identity the main challenges of your game. Discuss the interactivity and choices associated with two of these challenges. Create storyboards displaying choices for one challenge.

Main Challenges in Drug Raid game:

  1. Neutralise Enemies
  2. Survive
  3. Using Appropriate Force (Lethal vs Non Lethal)
  4. Accuracy
  5. Recover the Illicit Materials

Selected Challenges

Interactivity/Choice Question Using Appropriate Force Accuracy
What choices are available to the player? Lethal vs Non-Lethal Force See Activity 4 ‘Usable Items’ Shooting at the enemy’s head, body or environmental objects.
How does the game convey choice through the interface? Mission Brief – Outlines the appropriate use of force.
Kit Interface – Outlines all your tools and describes those tools.
Aiming reticule in the centre of the game screen to indicate where the player is shooting.

Player must move reticule over enemy and fire to pull off a successful shot.

For each choice, what actions are available to the player? Lethal – handgun, assault rifle, baton.

Non-lethal – Taser, handcuffs.

Player must utilise the game controls to successfully aim their weapon towards the enemies.
How do rules dictate system response to these actions? Lethal tools to damage (can kill).

Non-lethal tools do not do damage.

Player/ enemies have a ‘hitbox’ which encases their in-game models. If bullets are aimed and fired at the ‘hitbox’ the player/ enemy takes damage.
What feedback is provided to players? Lethal – Enemies fall limp when killed. As enemies are brought to critical health they may surrender.

Non-Lethal – Taser electrocution to display stun effect.
When handcuffed enemies sit on ground with arms behind their back.

Blood splatter when enemies are successfully shot/ hit.

Electric effect around enemy when successfully stunned by taser

Storyboards for Using Appropriate Force

When it comes to using appropriate force in the Drug Raid game. These are the four example scenarios of what can occur based on the tools available to the player:

Correct use of Lethal Force



Correct use of Non-Lethal Force


Incorrect use of Lethal Force


Incorrect use of Non-Lethal Force



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