Activity 4: Objects & Rules – Minigame 2

Extension Approved – Do not mark until 11pm Sunday 07/05/17

Usable Items

User Object Image Inventory

Standard Raid Officer Inventory

Damage Range Effect
Hand Gun  hg Three 15 round mags = Total 45 100% headshot


33% body shots

Infinite (close quarters environment) Shoots enemies. Slow fire rate with high damage
Player Assault Rifle  as Three 30 round mags = Total 90


33% headshot


12% body shots

Infinite (close quarters environment) Shoots enemies

Fast fire rate with low damage

Player Taser  ts 3 cartridges 5 second stun Close range, 1-5 metre range Electrocutes/ stuns enemies.

Can be handcuffed during stun

Player Baton  bt 20% per hit. Melee range Knocks enemies out after several hits.
Player Hand cuffs  hc Handcuff inventory = number of hostiles in the level. Changes between levels. Melee range Arrests enemies. Incapacitates them.
Player Flash bang  fb 2 flashbang grenades 3 second stun Mid-Range

Bounces off walls/ around corners

Blinds enemies, stunning them.


Object Image Purpose Relationship to other objects Player Interaction Example
Armed Drug Dealers  14673640-portrait-of-terrorist-back-view-and-young-hostage-Stock-Photo To be killed and/or arrested by officers Hostile to officers Officer is shot at by drug dealer. Officer engages in a shoot out to the death.
Non-Armed Drug Dealers  stock-photo-robbery-isolated-robbery-scene-169403138 To be arrested by officers Runs away when confronted by officers Officer chases non-armed drug dealer as they flee. They jump through a window and escape.
Hostages  host To be rescued by officers. Used by drug dealers as cover. Can be released by officers Officer throws a flashbang into a room of drug dealers and hostages. Quickly incapacitates drug dealer while they are blinded. No damage is dealt to hostages.


Environmental Objects

Object Type Purpose Relationship to other objects Player Interaction Example
Doors Hazard Entry/ Exit points between rooms Opened or closed by players/ enemies Officer opens the door slightly and throws a flashbang through the gap into the next room.
Windows Hazard Alternate Entry/ Exit point Can be smashed by players or gunfire Front entrance is being watched by drug dealer so officer enters through a window around the side of the house.
Drug Barrels Hazard Explodes when hit. Ignites/ explodes when hit by bullets Officer is outgunned by 3 drug dealers. The officer shoots the barrel behind them. Taking all 3 out with one shot.
Couches/ Tables


Protection Cover Provides cover from gunfire for players/enemies Officer hides behind a couch and waits for the drug dealer to reload his weapon before popping up and taking them out.
Drugs Collectable Increase Mission Score Hidden throughout the level Officer finds all the drugs in the house. Receives an improved mission score.
Drug dealer gun Collectable Increase Mission Score

Replenish ammo

10% Chance to drop when enemies are stunned. Officer stuns a drug dealer with the taser. Drug dealer drops their gun and the officer picks it up before the stun ends.



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