Activity 3: Gameplay & Player Stories – Minigame 2

This post includes a game concept statement as well as 10 core player stories for our game based off our player experience goals. For information on the studio work which helped create this post, click here.

Game Concept Statement

In the game you play as a police officer, acting out a drug raid. This drug raid takes place in a suburban street, blockaded off by police. The main interactable building off the suburban street is the drug dealer’s drug house, a dank, dirty, dark suburban house, based off real life suburban meth labs. The goal of the officer is to arrest all the drug dealers using ‘just means,’ i.e not shooting unarmed drug dealers, only shooting to maim armed drug dealers, ect. A further goal for the officer is to rescue all of the hostages, trapped inside the drug dealer’s home. To compete the goal, the player must complete all of the objectives within a ten minute time span. The player will know how well they did based on a grading system. This system will grade players based on how ‘just’ their actions were. To improve your score further, players may also complete the side objectives of recovering all the drugs from the dealers, and seeking out the ‘fake hostages,’ drug dealers which are disguised as hostages. Challenges of the game include avoiding the gun fire of the armed drug dealers, whilst simultaneously trying to neutralise them ‘justly.’ A further challenge of the game is trying to arrest the drug dealers fleeing the officer, before they reach the barricade and get to freedom. Further challenges with the hostages are present, as the officer must find and arrest drug dealers disguising themselves as hostages, whilst simultaneously protecting the real hostages and freeing them to freedom. Finally, as a bonus challenge, the players must try to recover all the drugs hidden in the drug house, to prove further justification of why the raid took place.

Player Stories

As a police officer, it is my duty to the people of the city that I act in a morally correct manner, by not shooting unarmed offenders, and only discharging my weapon where appropriate, such as when a drug dealer is firing at me.

Playing as a police officer, I will try to save all of the hostages, through utilising handcuffs/gun to arrest all of the drug dealers, holding them captive.

As a police officer I want to recover all the drugs located in the suburban house, to rid the city of all drugs.

As a police officer, I want to use my handcuffs to arrest all of the fleeing drug dealers, so that no more drugs are put onto the streets.

As a police officer, I want to use my gun to fire at the drug dealers that are shooting at me, whilst avoiding hostages and avoiding killing those drug, so that I can arrest them and also abide within the law.

As a police officer, I want to arrest all of the drug dealers, and save all of the hostages in 10 minutes, so that the situation doesn’t escalate further and people don’t die.

As a fellow police officer, I will protect my colleagues, by making sure that they don’t get shot by the armed drug dealers, through wounding the armed drug dealers before they shoot at my fellow policemen, so that they can go home to see their families after the raid.

Playing as a police officer I will find the drug dealers posing as fake hostages, through noticing hostages acting shifty, so I can arrest all the drug dealers.

Playing as a police officer, I will use accuracy when shooting the armed drug dealers, by making shots that wound (not kill) the drug dealers, so I can arrest them whilst my actions stay just.

Play as a police officer I will use appropriate force, by only shooting where need be to make sure my actions are just and ethical during the raid.


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