Reflection Post

How well your skills matched the task required

At this stage, I can make a playable game prototype with Unity. However, my skills are not enough to make a prototype that was fully match our game design. I have tried to make my game prototype to mostly match the original design. To do that, I make the power up system, and create some kinds of enemies with different movement, health and/or attack format.

What Kind of additional skill and knowledge development you’d like to engage in to fill identified gaps

To make a prototype that was fully match our design, I would like to learn how to change the player shooting methods, make a charging system for player, use the code to control every game object, and make different shooting/ death effects. Even I can download some effects from the asset store, I have no idea how to put those in my game prototype. I think it is a kind of necessary skill to develop me games in the future.

How you approached learning new things and/or finding new information

During the development of my game prototype, I have learnt a lot of things with using Unity. I have learnt to create objects in the Unity game world, and access some codes to control those object by watching the practical video. I also learnt to change the object images while browsing and downloading materials from the asset store. However, I still need to learn more on making effects and my own object images.

Working with people from diverse backgrounds, with different interests and abilities

I enjoy working with my teammate, Thomas and Nick. They give lots of interesting idea for the game and they did a really good job for the workshop activities. Especially Nick, I think he is a good leader. He is mostly leading us all the time to finish our job and he is good at managing the WordPress page. I gain lots of things from him while working with the team.

The effectiveness of work habits

I used to do all the thing as soon as possible. However, I cannot do much at the beginning this time because of the weekly learning progress. That’s make all the things can only be finished at the least week. I need to figure out a suitable working timetable for the next mini game development. As I have learnt to use Unity now, I should be able to do more on each week. Maybe I can make a base and some game objects for my next game prototype in the first or second week, then fill in the main game idea and codes later.


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