Playtesting Questionnaire Responses

Did the game work? Yes, No? Explain…

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Yes, it is functional
  4. Yes, it has a start menu, level of enemies, and it will tell you when you won the game.
  5. Yes, The game works just fine.



What about the game did you like/ dislike?

  1. I like the enemies, and the power up is cool.
  2. The upgrade seems interesting.
  3. I like the characters in the game. They are very cute indeed.
  4. I like the look of it and the enemies. It is simple, easy and it is fun.
  5. I did like the game, it was pretty challenging which is a must in a game.





Suggestions for improvement?

  1. Side way shooting, playing goal, enemies shouldn’t move forward to player, reduce enemies
  2. Pause Menus, Restart after defeated, Display scores and lives
  3. It can be a little bit easier for beginner like me hahaa
  4. I can only see the head of character, and the background need to be fix.
  5. The starting screen looks a bit simple. The game needs to have a respawn ability, and health bars. The game also lacked the ability to quit the game, nor the ability to change the controls. It would also be nice if there were sound effects and/or background music so it doesn’t seem as boring. The game characters themselves are a bit brightly coloured compared to the background image and the theme itself. The player character also goes out of bounds horizontally. Also, at first, I thought the power-ups were an attack from the enemy, so they should label, change colour, or make it look more like a power-up.

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