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Wisp Game – Nicholas McCarthy

(see Game Prototype Submission for game files)

This project was built as an extension to the SHMUP Unity tutorial videos and related assets. These baseline assets were modified and improved upon to fit with my own interpretation of the player experience goals and theme of my group’s game project. Assets from the Unity Asset Store and modified scripts made up the bulk of these modifications.

External Assets:

Asset Creator Adaptation for my SHMUP Game
Cube Space Effects – Particle Systems (Free Version) Swift Games


Shooting Projectile Fire Particle Prefab adapted for the Wisp’s shooting mechanic.
Death Effects Explosion Particle Prefabs adapted for Wisp and Enemy death animations.
Buff Loop Fx – Particle Systems/ Magic Dr. Game


Wisp Fire Blue Fire Prefab adapted for Wisp character model to enhance its appearance.
Sail Character Pack – 3D Models Zak Reynolds


Wisp Character Model Character Model and Idling animations adapted to create a cute, expressive Wisp character.
Level 1 Monster Pack – 3D Models Pi Entertainment Limited


Enemy Model Ghost Violet Model adapted to create an evil looking ‘darkness incarnate’ enemy.
Dark-Forest-Wallpaper Unknown

Background/ Skybox Forest image replaced pre-existing ‘nebula’ skybox to fit with game theme.

Scripting Help:

Angus Chung (group member) assisted me with creating the menu/ instruction script which introduces the Wisp game upon opening.


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