Reflection Post

Professional Development and Practice

What kind of additional skill and knowledge development you’d like to engage in to fill identified gaps

There are many additional skills and knowledge I would have liked to have known to improve my game. This includes having a better knowledge of Unity, as although I have learnt a bit through doing this unit, I believe that if I knew more I could have made a better game, that conveyed the player experience goals better. Through this development process, I believe I can identify that my skills are in that of design of the game, rather than in the prototyping of the game. If I had more knowledge of Unity, I believe I could improve my weakness in the prototyping phase. I believe that my previous units as a design major has helped me better understand and complete the design process in this unit. However, my previous knowledge working with 2D game creation engines, such as Game Maker, failed to help me in this unit, due to the fact that Unity is a 3D game engine, and the transition between 2D and 3D engines was more challenging than I expected, especially when dealing with 3D models.

Working in a Team

Effective strategies for managing team activities

I believe there have been many effective team work strategies I have utilised whilst working on mini-game 1. For instance as a group we were able to delegate the work among the three of us equally, whilst also working around each other’s time schedule. An example of this was during week three, when I had to go in for a weekend class at Uni, and had very little time to complete the activities for that week. As such, the other members in my group were able to put in more effort to make up for my lack of time, and in return I chipped in a lot more for the following week, to make up for the lack of work in the previous week. After that week, it showed me that our group worked quite well together, and we all put in a lot of effort with our work, whilst also always being up to date on each task for each week. I further found that previous group assessments further helped us when it came to allocating the work load, whilst managing how much time and effort we should put in.

Working Independently

Staying motivated

Staying motivated was a big issue when completing the mini-game 1. I found that with during the creation of the game I became demotivated when the game I was creating looked vastly different to the idea I had in my head of it. Furthermore, due to the amount of other assignments I was working on, I was demotivated to work on this due to boredom from working on various other assignments similar to this. This experience has taught me that as a learner I tend to struggle to be motivated, especially with the writing of the blogs and the reflection.

How you responded when facing challenges

There were many ways I respond when facing challenges during the development of mini-game 1. For instance, when faced with the challenge of not knowing how Unity worked, I responded through following the unit tutorials on unity, and watching further external tutorials on the internet to better my ability to use Unity. Furthermore, I responded to not having a lot of time to work on this unit, due to other assessment being due at the same time, through properly managing my time by allocating my free-time to working on various aspects of this assignment. This unit has taught me that if I put in the effort to learn ways to solve my inability to use unity or learn proper time management, I can solve these various issues. I found that due to the time pressure of this unit, more challenges were faced than in previous game development classes I have done. This meant I had to manage my time a lot better than I had previously needed to, to solve these various challenges.

Ethical Considerations

The personal or societal impact that the game you developed might have

I believe this game could have more personal impact if I further developed it, as I really enjoyed the Celtic/wisp theme of my game, and I believe if I developed this game further it could be something I’m really proud of. I found that through the design experience of the game, I was able to design a game I would personally like to create into a full video game. I found this unit has really shown how much I enjoy designing video games, and how much I enjoy adding historical elements to my video game design, such as using Celtic mythology as a theme. I have never been the biggest fan of shoot em’ ups, as I don’t like the fast paced gameplay of them, however, through being able to design a game that isn’t meant to be fast paced and that has a unique and interesting theme to it, this unit has given me an appreciation for shoot em’ ups and game design in general.

By Thomas Priest


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