Activity 6: Playtest Plan

Session Goals:

  1. Game Function – Does the game function as intended and bring a therapeutic feel to the player?
  2. Creating an Open Ended Experience – Is the game an opened ended experience? Do the players complete the game in different ways?
  3. Capturing a Theme – Does the game capture the intended Celtic, Dark Forest, Fantasy theme?


For each of our three games we acquired five playtesters. These players varied in ages and background. Consisted of our friends, family and fellow students. All had previous experience with video games.

Approach to Playtesting:

The control scheme and basic story of the game will be briefly explained. Testers will play the game for 30 seconds while talking aloud, expressing any thoughts and feelings about the game. During gameplay we will act as observers, taking notes on the testers playstyles/ approach to the game.

After the time has elapsed, testers will be asked a series of short questions pertaining to the game’s engagement and appropriateness to the intended theme.


  • First level of the game presented as a Unity game file on a PC/laptop.
  • Video/ Audio Recording device (iPhone)
  • Google Form Interview question sheet.
  • A note taking device (laptop).


Session Goals Method Analysis
What to measure How to Test
Goal 1: Game Function Ask testers a series of questions after gameplay regarding how therapeutic the game experience is. Observe and encourage comments of players emotional response to gameplay. Testers will be asked a series of questions on completion of the play session.

1.    Did the game work? Yes, No? Explain…

2.    How engaging was the play experience? (scale 1-5)

3.    How would you rate the game’s therapeutic ability? (scale 1-5)

4.    What can be improved in the game?

Assess the overall success/ failure of the game to capture a therapeutic feel based on the responses of testers. Look for patterns among testers regarding features that were commonly liked/ disliked.

Take note of these suggestions for future iterations of the game.

Goal 2: Creating an Open Ended Experience Observe gameplay to see if players complete game in different ways. Observe how the testers play throughout the session while taking observer notes. Compare notes on each tester to assess whether there was significant divergence (or lack of) between playstyles.
Goal 3: Capturing a Theme Ask testers about the success/failure of the game to convey the intended theme. Players will be shown the mood board created in a previous workshop and asked:

1.      How would you rate the game’s ability to capture the Celtic, Dark Forest, Fantasy Theme?

2.    What did you like/ dislike about the game?

Assess the overall success/ failure of the game to capture the intended theme based on tester responses to question and mood board stimuli. Were opinions unanimous or varied? Analyse why this might be.

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