Activity 5: Game Look and Feel

Style and Mood:

The mood of our game, as represented in the mood board below, is calming. This is because we wanted to make a game that gives the player a therapeutic experience through calming visuals, gameplay and sounds. Another mood our game captures, as represented in the mood board below, is warmth. This is because our main character is meant to be a fire based creature which represents warmth which is also commonly known as a symbol of calmness. The final mood our game captures as displayed on the mood board is darkness. This is because the main enemy in our game ‘The Corruption’ have brought eternal darkness to the forest. It is up to our character to cleanse and warm the forest to calm it again. We wanted the style of our game to emphasise the brightness of the wisp character compared to the overwhelming natural based dark forest/enemy landscape. Our intention was to create a high contrast between the player and its environment. The game’s style focuses on warm tones to represent the light and fire. This light exists to expel The Corruption. Finally, the primary base colour of our game is represented with greens of a natural forest.  This colour is further darkened to represent the corruption that has taken over the forest.

mood board draft.jpg
Mood Board

Dimensions and Boundaries:

Our game is a 2 Dimensional up-scrolling Shoot em’ Up. The scale of our game is ‘Fairy Scale,’ or from the perspective of small Will o’ Wisps scurrying through a overwhelmingly large landscape. According to Upton (2013), Will o’ the Wisps (also known as Ignis Fatuus or Foolish Fire) are mythical balls of light, generally found at night. Mythology of the Will o’ Wisps can be found in many cultures but for the purpose of our game we are inspired by Wisps in Celtic mythology. These Wisps were spirits of the dead that helped lost travellers find their way through marshes using their light. Wisps could also be tricksters who lead people into dangerous situations but for our game we will ignore this part of the mythology.

Image result for will o the wisp
Example of Will o’ Wisps


The main setting of our game has no specific historical period. Although it is geographically located in forests in the Scottish Highland similar to that of the Disney movie Brave (2012), a big inspiration for the location of our game. The current forest of our game has been corrupted by darkness incarnate which the Wisps are trying to fix. The player achieves this by activating totems in the forest, based on the elements of earth, wind, fire and water. The Wisps and The Corruption move around on the forest floor, dwarfed by the large overbearing trees of the forest. The players move through open areas of the forest as the rest of the forest is too thick to penetrate. Our game takes place in the outdoors with no present civilisation along with evidence of ancient relics and totems. The forest where the game is located is designed to be very dark with little light peering through. This is not just due to The Corruption but also because of the dense overbearing canopy.Image result for brave forest
Example landscape of our game

Game Presentation:

There are four levels to our game which focus on four specific element

  • Earth, in the rocky, mountainous areas of the forest.
  • Wind, which features a windstorm through that level
  • Water, with rain and puddles abundant.
  • Darkness, where the final boss battle against the corruption will be hosted.

Our game uses various sounds to reflect the visual style of our game. We use ambient, quiet, peaceful sound to reflect the relaxing, therapeutic style of our game, and try to avoid loud, obnoxious sounds. The Wisps utilise sounds based off their element. For instance, the Fire Wisp uses a fireplace crackle sound to it, whereas the Wind Wisp utilises a calming howling/whistling sound. The Corruption on the other hand, hisses at the player and is accompanied with ominous, deep, eerie sounds.


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